Trademark’s Team Stopped by the 2018 GBCA Trade Show!

The Greater Boston Concierge Association (GBCA) began in 1990 with just a few concierges and has grown to over 300 members comprised of concierges and affiliate businesses from the hospitality community. Their mission is to promote this great city by providing the best quality of service to visitors and guests from around the world. Each year they hold a trade show to give affiliates a chance to present their latest opportunities.

Well “quality of service” sure sounds like Trademark Tours material, so our team trekked over to the Boston Design Center and set up our table. We let concierges from around the city know about our newly revamped Tours of MIT and of course our classic Hahvahd Tour.

Meanwhile, we of course took in some other booths and our Chief of Staff Melisa even hung out with a porcupine and an owl from from the Franklin Park Zoo!