Trademark Tours Hosts Hangzhou!

Trademark Tours Hangzhou Boston State House

Trademark Tours Hosts Hangzhou – Our team recently ran a tour program organized by Hangzhou and the Boston CVB. Hangzhou is a city located in Zhejiang Providence, in south of China. The government of Hangzhou wants to promote the city to the world. The city holds a competition to choose two families, one from America, one from China. The group we hosted is comprised of the chosen families, called Hangzhou Ambassadors.

Trademark Tours Hosts Hangzhou at MA State House chambers

They travel around the world to promote the city of Hangzhou, showcasing Hangzhou to their audience. Employees follow the groups and film the trip to play later on the internet internet. The goal is about let the world know Hangzhou better. Trademark Tours Hosts Hangzhou in the hopes that we can help teach tourists not only about Boston but Hangzhou too!

Trademark Tours Hosts Hangzhou at MA State House

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  1. Roberta

    Ronia gave us an awesome tour on Saturday August 29th. She was funny and interesting and my sister and daughter think she looks like Minnie Driver. Thanks Ronia job well done.

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