Top 10 Photo Spots in Harvard Square!

10. Dunster Courtyard

Dunster House is one of the large, luxurious upperclassmen dorms. It’s location down by the river means it’s known as one of the River Houses…obviously. It was the first house to undergo a full renovation and to this day it remains one of the more social houses at Harvard. A big part of the reason for this is the beautiful courtyard outside the building. Spring Formals are often held in the courtyard so put on your best outfit and pose with your significant other!

9. Relaxing on Cambridge Common 

Cambridge common, just across the street from Johnston Gate, is a beautiful space open to the public. If you are coming with a family, there is a large playground at the far end. At the start of the revolutionary war, General George Washington met his continental troops for the first time in this park! 

8. Laughing by Lampoon Castle

The Lampoon is Harvard’s comedy publication – founded back in 1876 and operated through the years by such famed humorists as National Lampoon founders Doug Kenney & Henry Beard, Conan O’Brien, Office creator Michael Schur, and SNL head writer Colin Jost. The Lampoon building is known as the Castle because, well, it looks like a castle. Some also see a face from the front – can you?

7. Crying in front of Lamont

Looking for a place to feel the weight of a real Harvard experience? Then show your stress in front of Lamont Library! Widener is the more famous, imposing building in the Library collection, but Lamont is where you’ll likely to find undergrads cracking from the pressures of midterms!

6. Inside Memorial Hall

Perhaps the most recognizable building at Harvard – Memorial Hall was built in 1865 to commemorate the 136 Harvard men who had fought and died for the Union in the Civil War. You can still access the memorial portion of the building in its center. You’ll find name plaques for all the fallen students, including Robert Gould Shaw, portrayed by Matthew Broderick in the film Glory. You’ll also find the entrance to Annenberg, the Freshman dining hall. Only freshman are allowed inside, but if you’ve watched any Harry Potter films, it looks exactly like Hogwarts ‘Great Hall’ – we tell you why on The Hahvahd Tour!  

5. John Harvard Statue, Skip the Toe! 

The John Harvard Statue is one of the most famous landmarks on the Harvard campus. Thousands of people every year come and see the statue, and most of the rub his golden toe for good luck. Pro Tip – this statue is unguarded on a college campus. We think you’re better off skipping the toe and  just snapping a picture. 

4. Johnston Gate

There’s no official ‘Harvard sign’ but this is by far the best way to enter Harvard! Legend says you are only supposed to enter the gate once as an incoming Freshmen and once as an outgoing Senior, lest you be cursed with terrible luck and falling grades. If you are visiting – there’s no curse to worry about! So you can stand right beneath this noble archway and in the background you may capture the John Harvard Statue, or Massachusetts Hall, the oldest academic building in the country.

3. Walking Weeks Footbridge

The John W. Weeks Bridge connects the Cambridge campus of Harvard with the Allston campus, which includes the Business School and Athletic facilities. The Bridge opened back in 1927, and remains a popular viewing spot for the Head of the Charles Regatta. In 2015 the bridge underwent a major renovation to become more accessible. Today it is open once again and provides beautiful views of Harvard’s upperclassmen house bell towers, such as Eliot, Lowell, and Dunster.

2. Palmer St. Angel Wings

Over a decade ago, Palmer street was a “dreary Harvard Square pass-through,” “a dull, sunless corridor.” In the years since then the area has undergone a transformation. This includes a glass skywalk connecting the two buildings of the Harvard COOP, bookstore and souvenirs, and an art installation by Jody Pinto. Pinto has painted angel wings around the country, and this pair makes the perfect selfie stop for your Harvard Square visit! 

1. Hahvahd Tour ‘Secret’ Photo Stop

We’ve saved the best for last! Along the original Hahvahd Tour route, nestled on the steps of Robinson Hall, there is a little known location, for the perfect Photo! The tour no longer passes this stop – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get your selfie. Just find the side of Robinson Hall that faces Memorial Church. Sit on the ledge of the steps and behind you – Memorial Hall will be the perfect distance away, framed beautifully by the trees. Don’t forget to tag us if you get a good one!