The Hahvahd Tour reviewed in Russia!

Guides Outside Johnston gate at Harvard University

The Hahvahd Tour was reviewed in Russia! The Hahvahd Tour has fans from around the world – We really enjoyed this post from our of our fans in Russia!

Находится Гарвард в двух станциях метро от MIT (Массачусетского технологического университета) в Кембридже, небольшом городе к северо-западу от Бостона.

Click Here to see the whole post and some great pictures!

Hahvahd Tour guide Erik Bakke launches the tour!
Hahvahd Tour guide Erik Bakke launches the tour!

1 Comment on “The Hahvahd Tour reviewed in Russia!”

  1. Sarah Bushey Liles

    [email protected]
    Karolyn was our guide for the Hahvad tour. She was dynamic was excellent at engaging her audience. Perhaps that speaks to her theatre concentration. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Good luck in integrating the neurosciences with the arts in special needs students that you aspire to do.

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