Times Union gives The Hahvahd Tour a fun write-up

Times Union features Harvard Tour

The Times Union online featured The Hahvahd Tour on their blog recently. Here are tales of the Hahvahd Tour, ripped from the Headlines 🙂

“Boston’s huge snow accumulation is starting to dwindle down, and their tourism office wants us to know about… their tours:

The Hahvahd Tour (www.harvardtour.com) is said to be the most popular tour of Harvard University. Guest enjoy a 70-minute one-of-a-kind journey walking through Harvard Yard with stories performed by actual current Harvard students. They are the official tour of Harvard Student Agencies, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and The Harvard COOP.
Tours run daily in March through December and cost just $10 or less for students/kids. More info and tickets are available at: https://www.trademarktours.com/harvard-tour/

For more information, read the full article on the Times Union website: http://blog.timesunion.com/travelgal/boston-tours/12555/

Harvard Guides featured in Times Union outside Harvard Yard

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