Hahvahd Tour #8 of 15 Best Things to Do in Boston

PoorLittleItGirl 15 Best Things in Boston

The Hahvahd Tour is certainly one of the 15 Best Things to Do in Boston – at least according to PoorLittleItGirl’s blog. Check out our entry below or visit her blog to read about all 15 best things to do in Boston.

“NUMBER EIGHT – The Harvard Tour! Or wait, let me correct myself.  It’s actually called (officially) The Hahvahd Tour. Hands down, one of my favorite part of our whole trip! Our tour guide has graduated the day before (how funny we visited Cambridge/Boston the same week as graduation!) She was funny, personable and had so much insight on the campus. So cool to see the hall where Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook. And I’m pretty sure she said this is the hall where Natalie Portman lived. The entire campus is red bricks and greenery and has a ton of history. Seriously, don’t miss the trip across the river to do this tour it is totally worth it!”Upperclassmen Houses are a stop on the Tour, one of the 15 Best Things to Do in Boston