Stay Adventurous blog features the Hahvahd Tour

Harvard Tour on Massachusetts Ave

Travel blog “Stay Adventurous” profiles Hahvahd Tour. Freelance writer Craig Zabransky recently visited Harvard Square and took in a Hahvahd Tour. Having already visited our rival Yale (bleugh!) Craig wisely embarked with tour guide Joe into Harvard Yard.

One of Craig’s favorite features of the tour was the way Joe told “History through Story. Sure, the guide points to buildings were [sic] famous students lived such as John F. Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Zuckerberg, and others, but it is how the history of the University ties to US history that adds to the experience. My personal favorite was the story of Widener Library and the Titanic. Also, the library itself holds over 50 miles of book shelves, you can run two marathons chasing books. Impressive.”harvard-sq-tour-guide-600x400

Impressive indeed! That actually pinpoints one of the three main themes of the Hahvahd Tour – “correlating American History with Harvard History.” You can read his whole blog and see where Stay Adventurous profiles the Hahvahd Tour here.If you want to find more about how our histories intertwine, book your Hahvahd Tour today!