Pure Wander Reviews The Hahvahd Tour!

Harvard Tour on the steps of Widener Library

Thanks to Pure Wander for the great write-up!  Below is an except from the blog.  Click here to read the whole thing and see more pictures!

“The Hahvahd Tours are guided by current Harvard undergraduates, and having passed several of these tours on my strolls around The Yard around lunch time, I’m guessing the tour operator very carefully selects guides who are the most animated and entertaining.

In fact, Joy, the student who led the tour we took at the end of April managed to get a couple of chuckles even from my thirteen-year-old son, who likes to pretend he’s “too cool to laugh.”

Memorial Churh in Harvard yard

Review: The Hahvahd Tour in Cambridge, Massachusetts




1 Comment on “Pure Wander Reviews The Hahvahd Tour!”

  1. Natasha Bekti

    I really enjoyed the tour! When I first met my tour guide, Zayan Faiyad, she was very friendly and did not hesitate to answer our questions; in fact, she encouraged us to ask any questions we had, and she answered every single one with an answer that we fully understood.

    She explained many things about Harvard, and had even made us laugh numerous times with her jokes. She explained everything thoroughly, and sounded very eager and entertaining. She made the tour much more enjoyable, and her voice was very loud and clear. She also mixed the American history with the history of Harvard, so it was interesting to see how Harvard progressed with the history of America. She added personal stories about her experiences and it made us connect to Harvard more as future students and parents.

    I would absolutely take the tour again the next time I visit Boston, because it was such an enjoyable and pleasant experience!

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