Mommy Poppins ranks The Hahvahd Tour Best tour for Families in Harvard Square

Harvard student guide giving maps in square

Are you looking for something great to do with your family in Harvard Square? Look no further! Mommy Poppins Ranks the Harvard Tour best for families. With their 21,000 Facebook Followers they recommend taking The Hahvahd Tour with your family. They write:

“The Hahvahd Tour is a great option for kids who love Harvard Square as much as mine do. It’s also perfect for older kids who’ve already set their sights on a local Ivy. Guides are all Harvard students, and they share insider info about life at the school as they lead visitors around Harvard Lawn and the surrounding areas. Everyone learns where famous students lived, some of the funniest pranks ever played, and the favorite pizza hangout near campus.

Click Here to read the whole article.  We’re so grateful Mommy Poppins ranks the Harvard Tour best for families!
hahvahd 4

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