“Mom Voyage” blog features Hahvahd Tour among Best in Boston for kids

Mom Voyage Features Harvard Tour

This month “Mom Voyage” blog features the Hahvahd Tour. Typically this travel blog showcases Moms and Dads from all over. They travel with families and reveal the best activities that you can bring along kids for. Most recently, they published a post about the best of Boston. Along with the Museum of Science, Faneuil Hall, and Fenway, they of course covered Harvard University as well. And what better way to see Harvard than with The Hahvahd Tour?

Mom Voyage blog features Hahvahd Tour, July 4th Tour in Harvard Square

Here’s a peek at how “Mom Voyage” blog features the Hahvahd Tour: “For an insider’s tour of Harvard you can take a 70-minute tour led by a current Harvard student through Trademark Tours’ Hahvahd Tour. The tour includes multiple stops on campus with interesting facts on the history of Harvard. Although not a kids tour, our 11-year old enjoyed the tour and found the details and little-known facts particularly interesting.”