Meet the Guides



Isa Berliner

Social Studies ’23

“I’m always that person strangers ask to take a pictures of them or for directions or just strike up a random conversation with.”


Catherine Bond

Applied Math ’20

“I’m eager to introduce visitors from all over the world to the Harvard that I love and call home.”


Ashley Bryant

Social Studies ’22

“I am excited to immerse tourists in the Harvard experience!”


Anna Cambron

Art Director ’22

“I love both theatre and customer service!”

Jackie” style=

Jackie Feffer

Psychology ’22

“I love interacting with people and enjoy doing standup comedy on campus.”

James” style=

James Fitz-Henley

Undeclared ’22

“My favorite part of being a guide is meeting new people and sharing the history of this unique school!”

Julie” style=

Julie Harrison

Molecular and Cellular Biology ’20

“I love getting to spend time outdoors walking around campus and chatting with new people from all around the world!”


Kelsey Hoskin

Biomedical Engineering (pre-med) ’21

“My favorite part of the tour is seeing where everyone is coming from!”


Scott Kall

Undeclared ’20

“I LOVE Hahvahd, and I want to show that love to the world! “


Theresa Manivanh

Computer Science ’20



Hillary McLaughlin

Social Studies & East Asian Studies ’20

“I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world and sharing with them the many reasons why I LOVE Harvard!”


Mason Meyer

Computer Science, Linguistics ’21

“I love getting to know the people who visit Harvard and the places they come from.”

Matthew style=

Matthew Miller

Undeclared ’21

“Showing people from around the world the amazing place that is Harvard is a pleasure!”


Aaryan Morrison

Social Studies, Government ’22

“I love being able to take ownership of Harvard as my home.”


Makayla Nyambura

Computer Science ’22

Involved in Kuumba, Peer Advising Fellow, Diversity Peer Educator Intern


Bhushan Patel

Computer Science ’22

“I love speaking! Whether it be in a quiet classroom with the teacher waiting for someone to speak, or an awkward situation”


Hannah Printz

Economics ’21

“I love being able to meet people from all around the world!”


Julia Riew

History and Science; Theater, Dance, Media ’21

“Hearing laughter shared by people from all over the world is the best part of the tour!”


Mike Shirek

Psychology ’20

“I love meeting people who are genuinely excited to be on campus. The excited looks people get as we enter Harvard Yard never gets old! “


Julianna Sullivan

Biomedical Engineering ’20

“Learning about the history of landmarks and buildings on campus that I walk by or take classes in every day is my favorite part of being a guide”


Zoya Surani

Economics ’22

“Harvard is old and I love learning and talking about how something old evolves and changes over time.”


Shelly Tsirulik

Undeclared ’20



Cliffton Wang

Chemical and Physical Biology ’21

” I love interacting with people and getting to share with everybody what makes Harvard so special”


Luke Williams

Physics and Philosophy ’22

“The best part of being a guide is demystifying the Harvard mystery”


Milan Williams

Computer Science and Physics ’21

“I love Meeting people from around the world!”


Louis Zekowski

Molecular and Cellular Biology ’23

“There’s nothing like travelling around the world through all the people I meet!”


Michelle Zhao

Economics (English minor) ’20

“People’s faces are so funny when I tell them women and men didn’t receive the same diplomas until 1999!”