Hahvahd Tour featured in Luxury Travel Magazine

Harvard Tour on the steps of Widener Library

Last week, Barbara Sloane took the Hahvahd Tour and featured us in her Luxury Travel Magazine piece. The article was a longer chronicle of her travels with her friend in Cambridge, but she took time out to specifically mention her time on The Hahvahd Tour. They also visited the Harvard Art Museums, one of our favorite partners! You can check out our excerpt below or read the full article here!

John Harvard Statue on Hahvahd Tour featured in Luxury Travel Magazine

No visit to Cambridge would be complete without taking the Hahvahd Tour. On a sparkling, autumn-hued morning (the very best time to experience Harvard), I met my guide and a small group to embark on a 70-minute student-led walking tour of the University, one of this country’s top colleges founded in 1636.  Jason, our guide and a current student, was well informed, and offered unique perspectives on college life at this famed institution where 44 current and former faculty members are Nobel laureates!

The oldest section of the University is the 25-acre Harvard Yard.  There were the brick facades of the dorms, libraries and classrooms, and Jason pointed out Old Yard, including Harvard’s oldest standing buildings, Massachusetts Hall, Sever Hall, the Widener Library and the Harvard Lampoon; also the statue of John Harvard, the University’s founder. This statue is probably the most touched object at the school. Its left foot, shiny from human contact, is subjected to almost incessant rubbing by tourists believing that doing so brings good luck. I struck the classic pose, placing my hand on old John’s shoe, and an obliging fellow tourist took my photo.  I mean, how could I not?

One of my great passions is anything Bauhaus so I made sure that, before departing Harvard,  Lisa and I visited the Harvard Art Museums that hold one of the largest collections relating to the Bauhaus, 20th century’s most influential school of art and design. We saw provocative paintings by Lyonel Feininger and Jean Arp, as well as important Marcel Breuer contributions to the world of furniture design, such as his iconic Cesca chair. Do not miss this on your Harvard visit.