Group Tour Magazine Features our Group Tours!

Group Tour Magazine shows Harvard Private Tours

Recently Group Tour Media featured Trademark Tours with an interview of our Founder, Dan Andrew. Click here to read the article.  Below is an excerpt for a quick read!


Founder Daniel Andrew shares his views on Cambridge’s tour scene and how groups changed his business.

Group Tour Media: What is the background of Trademark Tours?

Daniel Andrew: We started in 2006 to meet the tour needs of Harvard visitors. The demand was growing for professional tours. At the time, I knew nothing about groups, but now they’re the biggest part of our business and we have won awards for our group tours. About 60 percent of our business is tour operators and receptives.

Group Tour Media: What kind of groups do you welcome to Cambridge?

Daniel Andrew: As the leading tour operator at Harvard and MIT, we have provided group tour services to student and corporate groups from countries on six continents including the United States, Canada, China, France, Brazil, South Africa and Australia.

We’re also working with the camp market running educational programs in the summer.

Group Tour Media: How are your tours different than the others in the Boston area?

Daniel Andrew: For groups, the Hahvahd Tour is something different than the costumed tour everyone takes on the Freedom Trail. Led by students from Harvard, these tours focus on the modern day. It adds a little bit to the tour and provides something different.

Think of it like a mobile show. That makes the experience really special. It’s not going to matter which day you come, it’s going to be something great.

Group Tour Media: What’s special about your guides?

Daniel Andrew: With our Harvard tours, we try to have a 1:30 or 1:25 guest to guide ratio. All of our guides are carefully trained. In the summer, we have a full-time staff of Harvard students. They could be doing anything, but they’re here with us.

We can provide tours in Spanish or Mandarin, or other languages based on the guides available and what languages they speak.

Group Tour Media: Tell us more about your Harvard tour.

Daniel Andrew: There’s 10 scripted stops, and it takes about 90 minutes. The tours cover Harvard history and famous Harvardians. We coordinate with the sites and will go inside, adding something special to the experience.

We can do shorter or longer tours. For groups, you tell us the time and place, and we’ll cover it.

Group Tour Media: What about MIT?

Daniel Andrew: We offer similar tour services at MIT. MIT tours are a great way to experience more about the local Boston technology and education scene and view some of the finest architecture in Cambridge.

Group Tour Media: Can groups add anything to their tour experiences with Trademark Tours?

Daniel Andrew: There’s a lot going on in Harvard Square. People don’t know it’s one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the world. With bus drop-offs and direct access for parking, it’s easy to visit. I encourage groups to stay for at least three hours.

We are Harvard Square’s only receptive. We can work on dining options here ranging from pizza to all-you-can-eat buffets and fine dining options.

Group Tour Media: Anything else you want to add?

Last year we launched a website called This site lists all our main programs in an easy-to-read format … simple, easy to use and easy to remember.