Dutch Travel Blog took the Hahvahd Tour!

A Dutch Travel Blog took the Hahvahd tour this week and posted about their experience! ‘Miquelli’s Amerikablog’ came to Boston & Cambridge, so of course they had to join us on the Hahvahd Tour! You can read all about their full experience right on the blog or check out our excerpt below!

It was said that The Harvahd Tour was the most popular tour of the university. The guide presented himself rather dramatically, he was busy and did an exaggeration and I actually thought that was funny. He was a true American. We walked past historic buildings and headed for the Harvard Yard. There was talk about the history of the school and about famous people who have studied at the university in the past. The stories were told with humor. We were not allowed to walk through the main gate (Johnson Gate) of the campus, because there would be a curse on it. It was claimed that you were only allowed to go through it at the time of your first lecture day and on the day that you received your diploma.