Boston Globe…Harvard Sq. Utility Box Get Makeovers!

ryan_boxes6_artsThe Boston Globe asks “who painted all the utility boxes in Harvard Square?”  Here is an excerpt from the article, featuring Trademark Tours CEO Daniel Andrew: 

This spring, local artists working with the Harvard Square Business Association gave makeovers to 12 utility boxes. The boxes used to come in two shades: black and graffiti’d. Now they’re the colors of the rainbow — and then some. Impressionistic sunflowers, spray-painted sunsets, and abstract splatters are among the designs that decorate the boxes.

Dan Andrew, director of hospitality for the HSBA, described utility boxes as the “guts of the city” that invisibly keep it running. “You get so used to the boxes being black that you almost don’t see them anymore,” Andrew said. “Now people are noticing them all the time.”

Click here to read the whole article!

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