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Touring Featured The Hahvahd Tour

Swiss magazine Touring featured The Hahvahd Tour! Every Hahvahd Tour starts with the guide finding out where each and every guest is visiting from. Why? Because just as Harvard University attracts students from all over the world, so too does the Hahvahd Tour attract tourists from all the corners of the globe. So it’s no surprise to see us turning up in international publications.

“Touring,” the magazine with the highest circulation in Switzerland illuminates the world of autos, bikes, and travel. In their July issue, they feature an article about traveling New England by car. Of course, they couldn’t help but get out of the car to take The Hahvahd Tour! So you can find the tour, the John Harvard Statue, and Hahvahd Tour Guide, Justin Fox – all featured on page 50 of “Touring’s” July issue. (you might need to brush up on your German, though!) Read more on how Touring featured the Hahvahd Tour below:

Touring Magazine Insert